Figure 6: The four Stages of the Social Capital Protocol

Each stage includes the following elements:

  • What – objective of the stage
  • Why – rationale and value-add of the stage
  • How – the steps to be completed and corresponding outputs to be produced in each stage
  • A description of each of the steps in the stage, including:
    • Recommendations for implementing the step
    • Options that could be considered for implementing the step
    • Illustrative outputs based on WBCSD research or company experience
  • Outputs that a company should have by the end of the stage
  • Practical considerations for the stage in terms of:
    • Skills/expertise
    • Timing
    • Stakeholder engagement
  • Recommended resources – key resources which could be helpful to companies as further context or when implementing the stage

Throughout these stages there are a number of case study examples to demonstrate how companies are currently applying elements of the Protocol. The case studies do not cover all the options and recommendations described in the Protocol, but provide illustrations to bring to life how companies are currently applying certain elements.  

In addition to this document, the Protocol will be hosted on a web-based platform that will be continuously updated as more companies use the Protocol and additional tools and case studies become available.  Whilst this document contains the core guidance and references, the online platform will contain 3 complementary components which will aid users in the implementation of the Protocol:

  • External tools and resources to help companies execute the Protocol, for example, implementation guidance for specific valuation techniques, and sample indicators for various impacts or dependencies, among others;
  • Sector guides that apply the protocol process to specific industries and seek to provide more standardized and comparable information for companies within each industry; and
  • A Case study library featuring company examples of how the protocol is being used and lessons on the application of specific techniques.