The Social Capital Protocol is an open and collaborative project. We welcome your participation in any aspect of this work:

  • Join the movement as part of the social capital coalition (currently in development)
  • Participate in the public consultation (expected 2018)
  • Implement the Protocol in your company
  • The Protocol is an open resource. Test its implementation in your company and tell us about your experience.
    If you are a WBCSD member, join our working group of companies spearheading the scale up of natural and social capital measurement, valuation and management. Participate in structured engagement, peer and expert exchanges, and collaboration on advancing the field - leveraging both the Natural and Social Capital Protocols and toolkits.
  • Submit a case study for the Protocol
    Share your experience in implementing with the measurement and valuation of social capital, gain recognition and help others learn from your insights.
  • Sign up to receive Social Capital Protocol related communications
    Stay up to date on advancements in the Protocol. Sign up to our mailing list to receive regular updates on amendments or additions to the protocol, and regarding associated webinars or events.

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